Praskins Boys Halloween 2016 | Arizona Photographer

Oh my goodness, how does time fly so fast!??? I am going through each year's pose on the porch and I just want to cry!!! How did my babies get so big???? 

This year I bought 3 costumes at Costco in August or whenever they put them out crazy early! They usually go fast there and Andrew just HAD to have the pirate....and then he HAD to have the fire fighter....and then how could we leave the store without the storm trooper costume?! We like to use them for pretend play too so they are good investments! 

Andrew was set on being a storm trooper, because he is OBSESSED with Star Wars.....well, that desire quickly faded when he tried it on and it was "itchy", pirate it is!! He was most excited about the sword!!! 

Then, PIGS STARTED FLYING.  That's right.  Dylan, my dylan, decided he wanted to wear the yellow jacket!! This boy NEVER wants to dress up or wear I was excited!! He proudly wore his costume outside and up and down the street last night so we could grab some photos! We will see if he puts it on again today! He loves the whistle attached and also the walkie talkie....which he keeps calling his phone :) LOVE THIS BOY!!! 

We like to do our annual porch photo, and I LOVE looking back at them each year to see how much they have grown!! This is our 5th year in this home.  Andrew was just a chunky 6 month old when we first came here in's crazy!