Benji, the sweetest Scottie Dog around | Arizona Lifestyle Photographer

Hi friends, this is Benji.  Benji is one of the most loved and sweetest little scottie dogs around!! Benji has been sick for a while now, so his parents wanted to do a little family session with him and celebrate a few of his favorite things! I really enjoyed hanging out with the 3 of them and celebrating the life and all the love that Benji has brought to those around him.  

Today, after fighting an aggressive Lymphoma Cancer, Benji has passed.   He will forever be loved and remembered! These photos will truly be cherished by his family for years to come! 

"Benji was a 6 1/2 year old Wheaton Scottish Terrier who enjoyed Sunday Football, Watching Bravo, and traveling.  He had an equisite palate and appreciates fine foods such as Mastro's steaks, Domino's Pizza, and fresh turkey from AJ's.  Besides all of this, he had a great eye for fashion and knows what fabrics and colors to wear depending on what season it is.  Most importantly, Benji brought a joy into our lives that cannot be put into words but rather an expression of complete peace and happiness.  Rachel and I couldn't be any prouder of how Benji treated and respected other people and dogs, and how much joy he brought into other people's lives as well.  Benji has taught us that the most important thing in life is not being perfect or holding oneself to an impossibly high standard, but rather just showing up and supporting the ones you love.  As much as we have taught Benji over the years, Benji has taught us far more." 

Benji you will be forever loved and in the hearts of those who knew you!!