Praskins Camping Trip July 2015 | Whitehorse Lake Williams AZ

OH MY HEART!!!! Where did my babies go?? I have been wanting to blog some personal adventures for a while and today is that day!!  These were taken almost a year ago and I feel like they have doubled in size!!! 

As we embark on another summer, we have some new camping adventures planned!! This past summer, we were able to escape twice up north to unplug, get dirty, and have some fun with friends.  This was our first time camping at Whitehorse Lake in Williams, AZ.  The campground was gorgeous and filled with pines! I LOVE pine trees.  They remind me of summer camp growing up and bring back the best memories.  I am really in my happy place when I am up in the pines.  The smell of the fresh mountain air and sound of the wind whistling through the trees is so relaxing and just brings me closer to our Creator.  Ahhhh, I cannot wait to get back!! 

We planned this trip with a bunch of friends from church and rented out a group site.  BEST. DECISION. EVER! We had a U-shaped driveway reserved just for us with our campsites scattered around it.  The kids had a safe driveway to run, ride scooters and bikes, and play. It was the perfect setup. The lake was located just a block from us and we had plenty of space to spread out.  


The kids all had a blast!! We had about 25 kids total from all of the famlies, so there were kids everwhere! I think we went through a whole box of bandaids within the first couple hours of setting up camp (Note to self, pack more pants!)  From sun up to sun down, they were going going going!! They were dirty the entire time and loved every minute of it! 

Our lives are so chaotic and busy.  We want to build great memories with the kids, memories that will last a lifetime! Sure, Disneyland is great, but you don't hear too many adults talking about their great adventures of going to disney every year as a kid.  But camping....that's where the magic happens! Andrew still talks about camping all of the time and is eager for the next trip. Last year he caught his first can't buy memories like that! I will never forget the look on his face!! He was SOOOOOOO excited and so proud of himself!! (So thankful for IPHONE photos!!)

This was our 3rd time camping with the kids and probably our 5th time ever since we have been married.  Each time we learn more and more of what to do, or more importantly, what NOT to do! Each trip has presented it's challenges and we always forget something.  But that's why you go with other families! There is always someone who has it, and if not, then it probably is not that important anyway! 

We are looking forward to more adventures with our friends and family this summer.  If you have been thinking about taking your family camping....DO IT!! It's definitely not for everyone, but it can also be a BLAST!!! 

We are headed to the same campground at the end of July with at least 15 families and the list keeps growing!! We cannot wait for all of the fun, fellowship, and adventures that await!!