Jackie + Anthony | San Diego Anniversary Session

This is Jackie + Anthony....they are hilarious together.  We all got to know Jackie really well while we were in California doing MRT treatments for our son Dylan.  The poor girl had to deal with us and our crazy boys every morning for months!! We eventually won her over.  Dylan sniffed her hair daily and kissed her obsessively.  Andrew had a crush on her too.  I mean, look at her! The boys would rush up the stairs to clinic daily seeing who got to Jackie first.  She is not only insanely gorgeous, but has the biggest heart too.  She has dedicated her career to helping others, and she truly cares about each and every person she treats.  Can you tell we LOVE Jackie?!  

When we went to California for spring break, we met up with Jackie and her handsome hubby! We did a little anniversary session on the beach.  They have it rough.  They live in San Diego....they have to deal with the gorgeous weather and beautiful views every. single. day.  It's a rough life, but I guess somebody has to do it! 

I asked Jackie to give me a little run down of how she and Anthony met.  I love their story! Just like every love story, theirs is unique in it's own way.  I'm so thankful they met that day....they make such a beautiful couple!!! 

All good love stories start in a bar...right?? Well that's where our eyes first met, and it holds a special place in our heart.  My girlfriend had recently turned 21 so we went out to celebrate at Hennessy's, grabbed a quiet booth and we had the entire inside of the bar to ourselves to chat. Meanwhile, Anthony was in bed for the night until his roommates dragged him out (thanks guys!). Not long after we got there his group of friends sat down at a table very close to ours, that's when Our eyes met...There he was..with perfectly slicked hair, wearing a red and blue flannel, and glasses. He had his back to me but kept turning around and staring. My friend was probably talking about something super important, but I literally could not stop staring back! We had a connection without talking.  After some time passed, two of the guys came to chat with us and the other two guys (Anthony included) left. I was getting worried he wouldn't come back, I even asked his friends where glasses guy went haha..
Eventually he came back to join us and we all ended up spending the rest of the night together talking. After sitting for some time, one of the first charming comments Anthony said to me after standing up from our booth was, "wow you're an Amazon woman!"...And the rest is history.

Since meeting in September of 2010 we have been inseparable. Anthony is my perfect fit...the ying to my yang, the silly to my serious, and has shown me what real unconditional love is. We are both so grateful to have found each other in that Irish bar, but truly it was God who waited for the perfect moment to put us together.  After dating for almost 3 years, Anthony took me on the hike of a lifetime! It took every trail for him to muster up the courage to ask an unsuspecting hiker to take our picture. We smiled for a few, then Anthony disappeared onto his knee. That was just one of the best days of our lives.. There have been many more, and we are looking forward to a lifetime of happiness.