Adventures in San Diego Part 1--March 2015 | Waterfront Park, San Diego CA

Hi guys!! If you are headed to San Diego this summer with small kids, you HAVE to check out this park!!! It's called Waterfront Park in downtown San Diego, right across from the old pirate ship museum--1600 Pacific Hwy.  There is also a great water feature there, but it was under renovation when we went in March.  I had been wanting to visit this park for a couple years, but it was always REALLY crowded when we drove by.  If you do go, I highly recommend going early!! We were there around 8am, but that was in March, which is considered off season still.  Regardless, the kids will have fun! The play structures are really unique, there is lots to explore, and bonus...they have bathrooms and a snack stand!! The best is FREEEEEEE. I love free :) 

I am so happy I took along my camera to snap some of the boys playing...they LOVED it here and had a blast running around! I imagine that the slides get quite toasty during the warmer sunny days, but it was ok during the morning! 

I will be posting some photos later of our visit to the old pirate ship and oceanside pier :)  

Enjoy your summer adventures and don't be afraid to try a new place!!