Adventures in San Diego Part 3--March 2016 | Maritime Museum San Diego

This was our first time doing the Maritime Museum with the boys! We have not been on the big naval ship in years, but thought they would enjoy the "Pirate" ship.  There is a pass that you can get to visit all of the ships.  More than likely, there will be one under maintenance, but there is still plenty to see! The history of each ship is fascinating and the kids really enjoy exploring each deck.  The volunteers there are really helpful and try to make the ship come alive to their guests.  They truly love what they do! On the particular day we went, they were doing some repairs to the Star of India.  All of the workers were volunteers who love ships and are committed to preserving the history of them.  It was crazy to see them all up there so high in the sky! So of course, I had to take a photo!

Andrew had gotten a sword the night before from the street fair in was not from the time period of the pirate ship, but it was a sword nonetheless.  He definitely took his swashbuckling skills seriously and played the part as much as he could! Dylan loved running up and down the deck and listening to the sound that his feet made as they pounded against the wood planks.  There was a lot to explore on each deck and the boys made sure that we visited every nook and cranny.  

I would not say that visiting the ships was a MUST SEE, but it was fun and the kids really enjoyed it.  Make sure you google for special deals or coupons, there is usually one out there! ENJOY!!!