Melissa + Nick | Scottsdale AZ Desert Engagement Session

This is Melissa + Nick.  I had never met them before their session, but the moment they walked up to me, I knew I would love them!! Not only did they look amazing with their coordinating wardrobe but they were beaming with JOY! They were giggling and smiling from the start and that made my heart happy! I knew from corresponding with them that they would be a fun couple to work with, but I was blown away by their kindness and their love for one another.  

When I start off a session with couples, I tell them they have one act like they are madly in love with the other! And the response is always, "NO PROBLEM!"

Nick and Melissa were so natural together and my camera loved them! As did I! It was a toasty evening in Scottsdale and the Arizona desert, but they handled it like pros.  They are getting married this summer in Cabo and I could not be more excited for them! They are going to have the most beautiful beach wedding surrounded by their favorite friends and family and it is going to be one BIG party!! 

 I love to share my couple's love stories with their blogs and this time we changed it around a bit.  Nick has written a special little note to his future bride....So Melissa, this one is just for you! 

My Sweet Melissa, My Tough M.J. My Heart, my World, my Love. We once again set forth another another adventure. This time it is not to sprint the streets of Pamplona, frolic on the beaches of Cannes, or dance to the rhythm of Furio & the Santa Maria in Venice, This adventure is not to stare at priceless works of art at the Vatican, or sip wine while watching the sun set in Santorini. This adventure is the most important one we will ever start together & lucky for us this adventure will never end. This will take us on a tour of life & a tour of love This adventure will make you my wife. July 2nd can't come soon enough and I will never forget the sight of you walking towards me that day. I truly hope you know how much you mean to me. You are my Heart, you are my World, You are my Love. You are my sweet Melissa. You are my Wife. Love you tons and tons
Nicholas Ryan Stair