Ashley + Ian | Downtown Phoenix Anniversary Session

Hi friends!! I need to introduce you to two of my favorite people!! This is Ashley + Ian.  They are hilarious, sweet, genuine and sooooo much fun to be around!! I have known Ashley for years! She is the younger sister of a dear friend and I have grown to love her so much! I was blessed to capture their wedding last year in Sedona.  I cannot believe it has already been a year!!

 Ashley is an event designer, and she is incredible at what she does!! I love to photograph details and pretty things and she loves to coordinate them and make everything perfect! We really are a good team! The last wedding we did together was nothing short of amazing!!!  She is crazy talented and one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! If you are looking for an event designer, she is your girl! Check her out on instagram under Sweet Socialite Events.  And we cannot forget about Ian.....this man is one of my favorites! Have you ever been around someone who is genuinely kind and sweet and makes you feel like their best friend after 5 minutes??? That's Ian.  Such a great guy!! They both really hit the jackpot with each other!! 

I was really excited when they told me they wanted to do an anniversary session downtown!! I love finding new locations and exploring with my couples.  We even got to do a few in front of Ashley's favorite downtown building, the Westward Ho, and old 40's hotel.  We hit the HOT streets of downtown Phoenix and had a blast!! 

Ashley and Ian both sent in a little love story for us: 

ASHLEY: "One night way back in 2008, I was invited to go to a party in Peoria by some of my friends. I had another commitment that night so I decided to go to that. My friends kept calling me telling me to meet up with them at the party. "Do I want to go? It's so far." I said to myself. By the third phone call of hearing my begging friends, I decided to go. As I walked into the backyard of this loud, college party, a tall dark and handsome man caught my eye. He was sitting on a brick wall, laughing with his friends. My friend Kelly greeted me and introduced me to Ian Sewell and his GIRLFRIEND! My instant reaction was disappointment, but I couldn't help but think how sweet and outgoing this cute tiger woods lookalike was. Throughout the night, I kept noticing Ian was everywhere I went at the party. ;)

After a couple of weeks I found out that he and his girlfriend went their separate ways. I called him nervously to ask what his plans were that weekend and invited him out for a get together.  Over time, we developed a friendship that turned into a relationship, a Relationship that turned to love, and a love turned into marriage. On May 1st, 2015, I married my best friend. My favorite thing about him is how he makes me laugh everyday and how we share the same weird, sarcastic, sense of humor. I love him more and more everyday and I thank god everyday that I decided to go to that party." 
IAN: "When I first laid eyes on Ashley I can tell she was a good heart. A tad bit goofy but the perfect woman. I introduced myself and I couldn't stop talking to her. It was like talking to myself. We shared the same likes, passion, and drive to want to better our lives. Fast forward and it's almost been a decade. My love for her is still like the first day I met her."