Dylan Update July 2016 Part 1 | Pray for Dylan


Hi guys!! I know a lot of you have been waiting for an update.  Thank you for the messages, the kinds words, and especially the prayers!! We all need them!! We have had a crazy month with Dylan.  One issue we knew was a possibility, and the other came out of left field.  So, here it goes!! 


We set up a dental appointment under anesthesia a few weeks ago to get a thorough cleaning of his teeth and also get some x-rays.  Dylan DOES NOT cooperate at the dentist.  Most kids have a little apprehension when at the dentist, but every time we had gone, there was a lot of kicking and screaming....sheer terror from Dylan.  (I know some of you adults feel the same way but have to act according to your age!!) When Dylan started treatments for his leukemia at 8 weeks old, we were told that he could have some teeth problems.  More specifically, missing adult teeth.   Your adult teeth are usually fully formed under your baby teeth by age 3.  Adults have 32 teeth including wisdom teeth.  When they did the x-rays....the results were horrible.  Dylan not only has a few adult teeth, but the ones he does have are severely deformed.  As of right now, from what we can tell from the x-ray that he got, he has 8 of the 32 adult teeth.  EIGHT.  He has one set of molars, his canines, and his top two and bottom two teeth.  The bad news is that his top and bottom teeth are not good.  They are all currently coming in...and they are deformed.  Severely.   His top teeth, you know, the big buck teeth that all adolescents get, are missing bone and the roots are deformed.  His one that is almost in is already loose and the dentist does not know if it will survive.  The other top tooth looks similar.  The bottom teeth.....whoa.  These things are crazy! They are coming in crooked in a "V" shape and they are very pointed and sharp.  Here is the photo of the X-ray.  The one tooth in the middle was a baby tooth that was pulled.  

If you are thinking of a mythical creature right now, you would'nt be too far off! His bottom teeth rival those of Gollum! I say that jokingly, but it is true.  The good news is that they have beautiful implants that they can do these days....the bad news....he can't get those until he is an adult and done growing.  So what do we do right now? We wait and see what his teeth do and try to keep as many baby teeth in as possible.  We can possibly put crowns on the top and bottom teeth to keep them looking more like normal teeth, but those can also break easily.  We can get a flipper that is basically a retainer with teeth attached and glue it to his strong teeth so that he can eat and function normally.  Time will tell.  We need your prayers!! We do not know what the future holds for Dylan and we don't know what insurance covers.  What we do know is that we serve an amazing and faithful God who will provide for our needs.  And we rest in that! We are so very thankful for Dylan and for his LIFE!! We are thankful that this is not life threatening and that he will be able to have teeth....some day :) 

This is just another part of our cancer journey, and we are so very thankful that you are a part of it!! Thank you for your love and support!!! We love our goofy Dylan!!!