The {V} Family in the Desert | Arizona Lifestyle Photographer

This is the {V} Family!! 

They have been in the desert for over 10 years and are now off to a new adventure in Chicago. This is exciting news for them, but there are so many of us here in Arizona that selfishly want them to stay! Me being one of them.  Guys, this family is AMAZING! Besides being stylish and incredibly good looking....they have hearts of gold!! 

We decided to get some desert shots with Arizona's infamous saguaro cactus! It also happened to be the ONLY day in weeks where the sun was not out!! But they were troopers and we worked with the limited daylight and had a blast!! 

I still remember the first day I met Shealyn almost 5 years ago.  I thought she was the sweetest and quietest little least I got the sweet part right! This girl right here is HILARIOUS and so down to earth.  Have you ever met someone you can relate to on so many levels after talking to them for 15 minutes?? She has the greatest heart for the Lord and is one of the best mothers I have met.  She loves and serves her family with a passion like no other and truly cares for others around her.  

I have been to the hospital to greet two additions of their family.  We have enjoyed dinner dates, play dates, bible studies, and multiple camping adventures.  I like to call them "career" campers.  If you are ever missing anything, chances are they have it, and have 10 more things you'll need.  They are the type of people that love to share and pour into others' lives.  To say that they will be missed would be a HUGE understatement! 

Shealyn and guys are a one of a kind family and we have loved having the honor of being part of your lives here in Arizona.  I am looking forward to planning a trip to Chicago and see your new home over there! Jonathan, we are so very proud of you and what the Lord is doing in your life and your career! They don't even know how blessed they are to have you guys there! We will all miss you guys and the girls!!! Love you!!