Stacy + Miguel | A Crossfit Love Story


Meet Stacy and Miguel…..this was my first time meeting Miguel. I had been watching him on social media for the last year through Stacy’s feed and I have to tell you, he is the sweetest guy!! Immediately I could see how he stole Stacy’s heart, but even more, how much he loved her…..and served her. Guys….and girls….this is LOVE. Serving one another. No expectations, and knowing that things are going to get tough. When you put someone else’s needs and desires before yours….something beautiful happens!! Stacy used to be Dylan’s speech therapist years ago and we have kept in touch. I have seen her go through heartache….so many bad situations….and then God brought her Miguel. It’s like a modern day fairytale….made in a Crossfit gym!! You never know WHO God has for you! So for anyone out there looking for their “Stacy” or “Miguel”….just be patient….He is always at work and you may never know where the man or woman of your dreams will turn up <3

If you were to ask me a year ago if I thought I would be here, my answer would have been a firm no.  I had taken a long bumpy road full of streets named no self worth, broken dreams, and lost dignity.  I had fought long and hard to get myself and my three children to a place of peace and stability.  I met Miguel at our Crossfit Box and we began the most unlikely friendship.  He's younger with no children of his own, and he is an old soul that has a beautiful outlook on life.  I on the other hand juggle 3 children, two jobs, a zillion different activities and operate on survival mode daily.  To say our lives were polar opposites is a complete understatement.  We leaned on each other in a purely platonic way that centered around working out together and supporting each other as we pieced our lives back together after both leaving toxic relationships.  As time went on our friendship became stronger and I began to consider him as more than a friend.  After some coaching from my girlfriends on a girls' trip to Vegas, I threw the curve ball at him that maybe we should be more than good friends.  To this day, I think that was the bravest yet scariest thing I have ever done.  Miguel has never left my side since that trip. It's our modern day fairy tale of full time Stepdad duty, school-drop off lines, potty training, hockey games, and cheer competitions with some Crossfit workouts mixed in.  Everyday he shows me patience, nurtures my heart, and shows me what true love should be.  He deserves all the credit for how effortlessly he makes life with us look cause Lord knows it's a hot mess on a good day.  I don't know if I necessarily believe in soul mates, but what I have learned is there will be one person that makes your soul feel at home and that is who you deserve to marry.