Mary + Josh | Flom Saguaro Ranch Wedding


Meet Mary + Josh.  They wrote their love story on their wedding site and I thought this would be a great place to share that! 

Mary's Version:
Josh and I met years ago at Compass, where we both work.  We were friends for a really long time, so when we first started talking about dating, it was really weird for me at least!  Most people would be shocked to learn that I actually made the "first move."  Josh was coming out of a really tough season and wasn't necessarily looking for a new relationship; and he didn't want to do anything to mess up our friendship.  So, me initiating gave him the freedom to really explore something new; plus it helped that mutual friends were encouraging us to pursue the possibility of a relationship.   

My mom had always said that when I met "the one" that I would know really early on.  I always disagreed with her because one thing I know about myself is that my "process" is usually a lot longer than most.  In this case, we were both right.  I think I knew early on that I wanted to marry Josh, but getting to where we are right now did take some time.  One thing that made me fall in love with Josh was his patience through our whole dating season.  I had a lot of things to work out before I was truly ready for this very big step, and he has patiently waited for me each step of the way.  

One of the things that I had to work out was the whole insta-mom thing.  Of course I knew going into our relationship that Josh was a package deal, but what I didn't know is if I was ready to not only be a wife but a mom too!  I don't know that anyone is ever truly "ready" to be a parent but what I do know is, I love those boys so much and I'm so excited to join their family.  And as far as the mom thing goes, I'll figure it out along the least that's what people keep telling me ;)  

Dating, falling in love, and getting engaged to Josh has been the most fun and exciting seasons of my life.   

Josh's Version

There is one thing in life that I have always treasured deeply and that is love! I know, I sound like a sappy romantic.  Haha, well it’s true.  I believe in it.  It requires vulnerability, willingness to change and grow and intention to keep aflame.   I remember as a kid always longing for my special someone. I have come a long way since those days…all that being said, Mary (or my desert flower, as I call her) :) 

Ok, some back story...I have three amazing and wonderful kids: Josiah, Kai, and Zeke.  Honestly, they are all three very different versions of me.  They are smart, fierce, sensitive, brave and loving.  Through change and circumstances in my life, they became my sole focus.  I was determined to be the best dad that I could be; to live, to love, to hope in the best God has for us.  I didn’t want my story to cause my kids to give up on love.  I have known Mary for years and she has always been a friend of our family.  She even baby sat my kids a few times.  I remember connecting with a close friend and telling him.  “So?!!, I have a problem, I like someone.”  His reaction shocked me, because I wasn’t looking for relationship or more change in my life.  His reaction was joy and enthusiasm.  It was resounding support and encouragement.  It was a reminder of the hope and faith that I had always believed in.  What I’m so grateful for, is my kids have loved her from the beginning.

The best part in all this is I told God that I wanted whoever I started dating to be my friend for years, first.  Well, he listened, and oh how God works his plan into our way of thinking.  She has challenged me to grow so much, but has loved me exactly the way that I am.  I love that I have really learned to love again and enjoy our process as much as getting to fully know and enjoy her as a wonderful person.  My favorite thing about her in our process together is she absolutely hopes and desires for the best; and I am so grateful that she loves my kids as much as me and her heart, in all its beauty, chose all four of us, not just me.  I’m in love, that is how I will remain:)

Aren't they the cutest?! And you should see the boys with Mary....each time they were around her, they were either hugging her or kissing her.....check out their first kiss!! They all have a special bond and it's very apparent that there is so much love in their family! 

There is one more story I want to share.  It's about Mary's dad, Greg.  Father-daughter relationships ALWAYS make me cry.  I grew up without my dad in my life and I have always cherished and loved capturing those relationships.   Seriously, father-daughter dances are hard to see through all the tears! So let me talk a little about Greg.  Two years ago, he had a stroke that left him with no use of his right side and unable to speak.  It was a crazy roller coaster ride for the whole family through many, many months of therapy and hospital visits.  The stroke has left him with a condition called Aphasia that affects his speech and how he processes things.  He also fell and broke his right hip in 2017.  This man is a warrior, and so very sweet!!  Through it all, their family grew closer and leaned on the support from friends and family, and most importantly, God.  The Lord provided great doctors, therapists, finances, and gave them strength and peace in the midst of a terrible storm.  Greg's right leg is still weak, but he wanted to walk his baby down the aisle.....and that's exactly what he did!!! We all watched with tears in our eyes as this amazing and strong man took his daughter's arm and walked down the aisle to give her away to her future husband who would now take the role as her provider and protector.  It was absolutely beautiful! 

Mary + Josh.....I wish you the best in everything you encounter as a new family.  All of the fun  adventures, trials, and the crazy things that will happen when raising three young men. You two are truly blessed and I know that your relationship is rooted in the Lord.  As long as He stays as the focal point of your marriage, you will be blessed! Congrats!!!