Caitlyn + Troy | Spring Engagement Session


This is our beloved Caitlyn.  She has been watching our boys and caring for them for the past few years and we adore her.  She has saved my sanity more than once and she was a huge resource and help to us for many needed date nights!!  My boys are obsessed with her and LOVED when Caitlyn would come over!! But like with all good things, her babysitting days had to come to an know, boyfriend, school, and real job.  So, while we love Troy, I am a little mad at him for taking Caitlyn away....but we will keep it our little secret (jk Troy, we still love you!) 

I love the story of Troy and Caitlyn.  It's a classic best friend story that has a wonderful ending.  What's better than knowing your future spouse half your life and then finally realizing that they are the ONE God had set apart for you all along??? Not to mention their families are best friends, so the whole in-laws thing is pretty much the best situation ever! I am so incredibly excited to capture their wedding day in December.  I KNOW I will be crying.  It's going to be beautiful!!! 

 I think my couples are better at telling their stories, so I will let them talk about their love story <3 


Troy and I met through our parents, about a little over 13 years ago. My family joined their bible study and I soon became best friends with his younger sister. For years, I secretly liked him, and apparently so did he, but just never at the same time. After a period of obedience to God’s calling to be single and deepen my walk with Him, God just led us to each other. We dated for a year before Troy proposed on our one year anniversary in the same place that we had our first date.

We are home bodies so we enjoy hanging out at home, playing games with the family, and watching movies/tv shows. We have watched countless hours of ‘The Office’ together. Riding bikes has become one of our recent favorites as well! We have to get our practice for when we ride bikes around the island of Kauai. ;) Even though we don’t do it very often, we love the chances we do get to go out, whether this be dinner, a movie, or just going shopping.

It doesn’t take much to make either one of us laugh. We are both very humorous people who love to make each other laugh. Sometimes all it takes is just looking at one another, especially while taking pictures.

God gave me a verse during my time of being single to focus on Him as words of encouragement and He gave me that same verse the day Troy asked me out (Psalms 37:4). This is how I knew Troy asking me out was God’s timing and will for us. I am marrying into what was my second family throughout my childhood and teenage years, with my best friend now becoming my sister-in-law.

“One of my favorite things about Troy is how sensitive he is. He cares so deeply about the people he loves and is to in tune with how people are feeling.” - Caitlyn

“One the things I love most about Caitlyn is how supportive she is of me and my decisions and how thoughtful and caring she is in making sure that I am able to accomplish my, and our, goals.” - Troy