Paisley Ann Reynolds | A little fighter


Hi friends and family, I would love to introduce you to my youngest client ever….. Paisley Ann. She was born January 13th, 2019 at 26 weeks 4 days gestation weighing 2lbs 2oz and 13 inches long.

Here is a little backstory.

Brianna had to go to the hospital when she was 20 weeks pregnant due some complications and was being monitored. On the 4th day there, her water broke. She was immediately put on bed rest at the hospital and spent the next 7 (ish) weeks lying completely horizontal with very little time allowed to stand besides bathroom breaks. She fought so very hard to keep precious Paisey INSIDE and growing. Brianna is a ROCKSTAR. They had a couple close calls with early labor, but the doctors were able to intervene and keep Paisley growing. She was born at 26 weeks 4 days gestation via C-Section. Paisley is a miracle baby. The doctors were not sure that Brianna would last a couple days after her water broke, yet alone another 7 weeks. She finally got to go home this week after being in the hospital for 53 days. We are so thankful for Paisley’s little life and for God protecting the both of them as they defied a lot of odds against them.

A few weeks before Brianna’s water broke, we did some family photos and a gender reveal. Paisley’s BIG sister McKinley was ecstatic to find out that she was having a baby sister!! It was such an exciting shoot!! Filled with lots of love and excitement!!

Baby Paisley has a long road ahead of her….and so does her family! They need your prayers, love, and support! Paisley is being cared for at a hospital 30 minutes from their home. She is in good hands there and under the best care possible. She is stable right now and growing, but she has a lot of obstacles to overcome. She is one strong little fighter and we can’t wait to show her all of these photos one day!!

For those of you would would like to help the Reynold’s family, here is a list of gift cards that would be a huge help!

Fry’s Gift Cards and Gas cards to help get to and from the hospital.

Chipotle, Chick-Fi-la, Panera, and Einstein Bros are all close to the hospital and will be visited frequently during their hospital stay.

They appreciate any and all help right now. If you don’t know them personally and want to help, just message me and I can get things to them.

I went down to the hospital this morning to grab a few photos during Paisley’s first week in her new home away from home. She is still very fragile. She is being fed her mommy’s milk and doing better each day. Thank you for your prayers and support!!