Kelly + Blane | Sedona Arizona Engagement Session

This is Kelly + Blane....and I adore them!!! I met with them months ago to talk about their BIG day! I knew as soon as I sat down with them that they would be the perfect fit for me! I know it may sound silly, but there really is such thing as perfect clients and the best photographer fit for those clients.  I LOVE happy and joyful people.  I want to have fun with my couples and for us to enjoy being around each other.  It only makes sense because I will be with you almost every moment of the day on one of the most important days of your life.  It's kind of a big deal.  So when these clients come along, and they pick you for that special do a happy dance!! I am so so so very excited to be photographing their wedding at the Farm at South Mountain in November!! I cannot wait to see what kind of beautiful wedding these two put together.  In the words of Blane..... Kelly and Blane, "YOU ROCK!" 

Here is their love story.....

"It's funny because we went to high school together but were more of acquaintances, friends of friends if you will. The night of high school graduation, our friend groups were hanging out and it sparked the beginning of a friendship. On orientation day of college at GCU, we saw one another and it was a comfortable familiar face. For the first semester, we were doing homework together, eating meals and staying up late watching movies. Life was so comfortable with Blane around, and we share many of the same qualities and dreams, After a while we realized that we had been "dating!" We actually got to pick our anniversary date of September 7th, 2012 since we were dating longer than we even realized. It was just meant to be. Sometimes the best things happen when you stop looking for them. 

Nor Blane or I are the same person we were when we first stated dating at the age of 18, but we were able to adapt through all of our phases. being able to "grow up" together has made us stronger, even through all of the though life decisions that come about in college.  I started school as pre-pharmacy and found my way to hands on patient care. I was a preschool teacher and then got a new job working in the ER late nights and early mornings. Blane being a musician, I have watched him grow from being on the worship team at GCU, to being a student leader and now as a full-time worship pastor after graduation. I could't be more thankful for the support he has given me thought stressful classes and applying to Physician Assistant schools, and I am so proud of all he's accomplished, not only as a musician but as a man of God. I can't wait to see what our future brings!"