Summer Adventures 2016 | Goldwater Lake Prescott AZ

When it's 115 degrees outside, what is the first thing you want to do??  ESCAPE?! That's what we did! I loaded up the boys and we took a road trip to Prescott to visit our friends! 

We headed to Goldwater Lake in Prescott.  We LOVE it there!! They have a fun little playground, bathrooms, and some AMAZING views!! We spent the afternoon expending every ounce of energy the kids had (and not gonna lie, we were exhausted too!) We explored the trails, we threw rocks in the water, and even got to see some of the local wildlife.  

Is anyone a lizard expert??? The kids were climbing on the rocks, and then someone yelled "SNAKE!!!".....upon closer examination, the "snake" appeared to have arms....and probably legs too I am assuming, but I did not wait around to check! Does anyone know what it is?? 

There were some people fishing too! Mostly for crawdads.  The kids thought those were pretty cool! I am not a fan of them....especially when they are the size of small lobsters....EW!!! (Jimmy Fallon voice)

There is a cute little dock that is on the water.  The kids LOVED the doc!! The moms slightly freaked out as we imagined our kids doing a peter pan off of it (Can anyone name that movie line?)  But good news....everyone survived.  A good time was had by all.  And the shore is now short about 1000 rocks that are now relocated to the bottom of the lake! 

If you are looking for a fun place for a day away from the heat, I highly recommend this spot. I may be back in the fall for some family photos :)