Andrew, my little location scouter and model! | Downtown Phoenix, AZ

It's almost time for school to start again that means that me and my little buddy get to go out scouting for locations!! This was such a fun day with my friend Adriane and Andrew!! She even posed as "mom" and we played around with posing! 

This is definitely out of my normal type of location, but I LOVE it! I held some mini sessions here before the summer hit and they turned out amazing! I like to mix things up.  I love that I can shoot here in full sun and get a totally different look.  Plus the kids have a blast running around in all of the free space.  

I love that I can capture a bit of his crazy personality while "working" at the same time! How can this be my job?? A DREAM!! I think 4 may be my favorite age so far! I did not think we were going to make it out alive during the 3's.  People always say terrible 2's, but the 3's was definitely our most challenging (so far).  Maybe because this child is a carbon copy of his boy and brunette form.  My mom always says he is just like me when I was young....and my response to her is, "Mom, I am so very sorry!!"  I joke about it but I am thankful that he is strong willed. I am thankful for his spunky personality and his goofiness, because God is going to mold him into a leader one day.  He has natural leadership built into him (bossy pants) and I am excited to see how God uses him! Until then, I have to survive the parenting process and constantly learn and grow with him in the process.  

I am so very thankful for this little guy.  He is the best little (BIG) brother to Dylan and an answer to prayer! After going through everything with Dylan, we prayed very hard for a healthy child.  And God blessed us with this healthy and boisterous boy who challenges us daily and blesses us with so much happiness.  He loves to cuddle, to help with projects, and is the biggest momma's boy.  He is more dramatic than any girl I have met, but also ALL boy, constantly getting messy, building things, and trying to fix everything.  I love you Andrew Graham Praskins!! 

I am so very thankful for my little scouting partner! And my big one too! More adventures to come!!