The {P} Family Home Life Session | Arizona lifestyle Photographer

I would love to introduce you guys to my all new Home Life Sessions!! 

These sessions are timeless and an amazing way to capture life at home and document memories that would otherwise fade. I will spend around 2 hours in your home capturing day to day life. From hanging out and baking cookies, cuddling on the couch, reading stories, jumping on the bed, or playing with their favorite toy....I will capture your life at these moments and freeze them in time. You can get dressed up, stay casual, or hang out in your pajamas! This is a session is all about you and your family! 

I was blessed to be able to capture this incredible family last week!! They are such a fun family and just happen to live a few doors down from me!! Yes! I have COOL neighbors!!! I knew they would be a perfect fit for this session and we all had a blast....and we may have needed a nap after also!

 Here are some fun facts about the {P} Family: 

Josh and Barbara have been married almost 14 years and they have 4 beautiful children.  I have known Josh for years, since I was in High School.  He is a little you can tell in the photos.  He loves to have a good time with his family and is a great dad! And Barbara, she is one of my favorite friends! I do not know what I would do without her encouragement and love! She is an amazing mother and can pretty much make anything from scratch!! Stay away from her cookies....they are YUUUUUUMMMY and you cannot just have one!

Leah 9 1/2 and is the best big sister to her brothers! She loves to play with each of them and the boys adore her! Her favorite thing to do is give rides in the laundry basket across the tile!! Too bad I wasn't able to catch that on camera. I love that she still loves to play with her I had to make sure I captured that.  She has a room full of dolls and special stuffed animals and she treasures each one! 

Micah is 7, a total goofball with a compassionate heart, and has the mind of an engineer! He is always building or constructing something, and is really interested in how things work. His creative mind has brought to life some amazing lego creations! 

Zachers is 4 1/2 and LOVES all things trains!! This was important to build into their home life session because you can often find all of the boys, including dad, playing with their massive train collection in their living room. He is a big fan of the train park and loves to watch model trains in the toy stores.  

Isaiah, the "baby" of the family is going to be 3 next month!! He usually hates my camera and I have plenty of crying photos to prove it.  There's just something about being in your home that lets you relax and have a little more fun.  Isaiah brought out a small sampling of his dinosaur collection and showed me his biggest roars!! He LOVES dinosaurs!!