Capturing Life Project | JOY

This is from our camping trip a couple weeks ago! JOY! They were having so much fun with that wagon.  Dylan LOVES wagons.  They played with that thing all day long and we only had a few tip over accidents :)  

Dylan finds JOY in the simplest of things!! Pulling wagons is one and another one of those things is watching doors open and close! His favorites are grocery stores and target! The more doors the better! Sam's Club has giant doors that he gets excited about as soon as we pull into the parking lot.  We were eating dinner at Smash Burger the other night and he sat himself in a perfect position to see the employees come in and out through the backroom swinging door....I am telling you, he is obsessed!! I love watching him and it makes me laugh every time.  He brings joy to everyone who watches him as he giggles and flaps his arms every time the door moves.  Simple things.  

This week you guys shared some beautiful photos of your children and what brings them joy and how they bring YOU joy!! I loved seeing each and every one and I am excited for you to continue on with this project!  This week's theme is BED HEAD! I know we have some crazy hair days out there....let's get it on camera!