I have a 2nd Grader & Pre-Schooler! | 1st Day of School 2016

It's that time of year again!! The time where parents are giddy with excitement that kids are going back to school....but also sad at the same time as we watch them grow up right before our eyes!! Does anyone feel the same way??? 

Dylan started 2nd grade last Wednesday.  2nd GRADE?! How is this even possible?? He was SUPER excited to go outside and wait for the bus! He was a little less excited that I brought my camera along to capture it all! But, he needs to get over it.  I will forever and always be THAT mom!!! 

Andrew started his first day of Pre-School this Monday.  This is his second year at his Pre-School with Happy Owls and we LOVE it there and LOVE Miss Krystal! She is amazing and if you are looking for an in home preschool for your kids, contact me to get her info!! I love that he only goes two days a week and I still get a lot of one on one time with him! 

Andrew loves helping Dylan on the bus in the mornings.  He takes it very seriously and delivers the backpack to the bus assistant and then pushes Dylan's butt as he "helps" him into the bus! It really makes my heart happy to see him serving his brother in this way.  Most of the time they are just annoying each other and beating on one another! 

I took some photos of their lunchboxes because I want to remember what they love at this age! Dylan loves paw patrol and Andrew is obsessed with anything Star Wars....typical boys.  They also love their Bento boxes.  This is our second year using them and they are wonderful!! We used these every single day last year and they are still in great shape!! They can go in the dishwasher too!! I have an extra tray for each box just in case I forget to unpack their lunch one day.....not like that has EVER happened :) I love that I can put a variety of foods in there and they stay separated and do not get smushed.  There is also a "dip" compartment that is really popular with Dylan! He loves his dips! It has not leaked yet and has been utilized 100s of times! I highly recommend these! They fit perfectly in the rectangle lunch bags that are sold everywhere and keep cool with just a small ice pack.  

And then it was time for Andrew's first day!! He usually does really well for photo ops, but was being a little turkey that morning because he wanted to go run around with his friends!! 

I am so very thankful for these two boys and all of their sillyness! I am praying daily for them to be kind little boys who show God's love to others! Their little faces bring me so much joy and I am completely blessed to be their mommy!! I wish I could stop the growing process....but as hard as I try, they just keep getting older.  I am cherishing the moments I get with them and trying to document it along the way!