Two Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed | Home Life Sessions

So.....ya....this is real life!! I had just shot my Home Life Session with my neighbors and it really made me want some images of my boys having fun! So, when they woke up from nap, I grabbed fresh pjs and bribed them to play on the bed! I wanted them to have a little bed head so it was perfect!! I have said it before, but my kids are not the biggest fan of getting their photos done.   Specifically Dylan.  HE. HATES. THEM.  Imagine my surprise, and utter thankfulness when my little monkey cuddled with his ducky and wasn't yelling "no pictures" at me the whole time!! I absolutely LOVE these photos of the boys!! This is THEM to a "T".  They love wrestling with each other and jumping around.  They tend to get a little rough sometimes....ok, every time....but at least it starts with some laughing and giggling!! 

I wanted to capture them and their never know when it will be time for them to not be attached anymore.  Truth be told, I don't care if they have a lovey until they are 20.  Growing up I was a thumb sucker and played with tags....and I still play with tags! It relaxes me! It also drives my husband nuts.

Dylan has Ducky.  He never really cared about a lovey until my baby shower for Andrew.  My baby shower was ducky themed.  And that is where he met Ducky....and they have be inseparable ever since! He is not crazy and does not HAVE to have Ducky with him all of the time, but he does like to cuddle with him and sleep with him! 

Then there is Andrew and his lovey, appropriately named Lovey.  He is obsessed.  It's one of those small blanket loveys with a dog head on it, from carters.  I had one from when Dylan was born, and then when Andrew grew attached to it, I quickly bought another one so I would have a spare! This is super important to you new mothers and fathers out there! ALWAYS have a spare!!! One time, while at the zoo, when Andrew was around 9 months old, we lost lovey.  WE LOST HIM!! I must have pushed the stroller around the zoo 5 times frantically searching for lovey.  He was bawling.  He IS DRAMA! What kind of person does not turn in a lovey??? If I ever saw one on the ground, I would immediately look around for a stressed out parent and crying child or turn it in to lost and found.  So, people, please....if you ever see a dolly, stuffed animal, blanket, or anything that looks like it could be snuggled, please, for the love of every stressed out parent out there....TURN IT IN!! Ok, end rant.  Needless to say, it was a LONG trip home from the zoo.  BUT, because I am a genius and learn from my mistakes, we had backup Lovey at home and all was well in Andrew's world again.  As soon as we got home that day, I scanned thousands of Loveys on EBAY and found another replacement.  It was the only one among hundreds of Loveys that was exactly the same.  And it cost me $50.  And you know what, it was worth every penny.    

If your kids have a special lovey or blanket....make sure you get a photo of it.  Photos are truly priceless.  I had a lolly doll when I was little and I love seeing all of the old photos with me either holding her or with her close by me.  We moved a lot during my childhood and we did not get to keep a lot of things.  During one of those moves, my dolly was lost and then forgotten.  Years later, when I was 20, my mom gave me the greatest Christmas present ever.  I can still remember opening it.  She wrapped up my favorite childhood toys.  She gave me a strawberry shortcake, a my little pony, and then one more gift.  I knew what it was before I even opened it.  I was bawling!! She scoured the internet for a lolly doll.  It may have not been MY lolly doll, but it meant the world to me that she found one!! BEST. GIFT. EVER.  

So please.....take photos of your kids' loveys!! I would love to see them!! Post them on this comment thread!!! And maybe I can even blog about it.  Cherish childhood.  Before we know it, they will be teenagers and leaving the house more than hanging around.  Cherish the messes. The cuddles.  The million questions.  Cherish it all!!