Capturing Life Project | Theme for August 8th-13th

The theme for this week is JOY!!! 

Show me your giggles, smiles and laughter! Find creative ways to either catch it organically or set up a situation to get them to laugh! 

Dylan hates getting his photo taken, but there is nothing that makes him laugh more than seeing someone (ME!) get hit in the head or bonked with a pillow or something.  Works every time!! 

Another thing that works....wrestling!! We usually start off with some laughs and then the screaming begins, but it's all in good fun right?? 

So break out those phones and cameras and capture life!! 

For this project, it would be AWESOME if you can get something new from the week, but you are more than welcome to share favorites from the past too! No crazy rules here!! 

In order to have your photo shared on next weeks' post, you MUST post the photo on this original post on my business Facebook page.  If it gets emailed, texted or put anywhere else, I will probably lose it! All submissions must be in by noon on Sunday of that week :) Please let me know if you have any questions! 

Please share this project with friends and family! The more people playing along, the more fun it will be! 

I may even pick a favorite or two each week and highlight them in the blog post....who knows! I am making this up as I go!! I did a project similar to this a couple of years ago through another photographer and I loved it!! It really challenged me to think outside the box and I had a lot of fun with it! I hope this project does the same for you!