Life with Boys and a Crazy Puppy | Capturing Life Project


Hi friends!! So, it's been a while since I have taken out my camera to capture my kids.  Why is that?? I mean, I took pics this summer during vacations (which I have yet to edit) but I don't take it out on a weekly or even monthly basis to just capture life.  That needs to change.  Life happens at the speed of light!! I swear they were just little toddlers with chunky wrists and round bellies....and now, they have little six packs!!! What on earth is happening??!! 

Now, I know WHY I don't....and that's probably because any time I try to set something up such as this little bed scene, I want to pull my hair out after 5 minutes.  I have the most patience with photographing other people's children....but when it comes to my own....OH MY GOODNESS!! WHY AM I SO MEAN AND IMPATIENT!!! Come on, someone else has to feel this way!! I know my photographer friends do!!! 

After Dylan's seizure last week (you can read about it HERE) I was really convicted.  Convicted about taking life for granted and especially the lives of my children.  The truth is, I am not promised any amount of time with them, with anyone.  So I am going to make the most out of it! I have a renewed appreciation for my little bugars and I want to capture their life.  Even the boring stuff.  Even when the light is not perfect and they have stains on their shirts and heaven forbid, if my house is messy, OH MY!! I want to capture it.  

So....I have decided to give myself grace with this one and just try harder.  I am going to keep my backup camera out and handy (but high up so no monsters break it!!) and I will try to capture a few moments here and there.  I will push myself to get creative and capture this life of ours.

Because that is why I started this whole photography journey in the first place.  

To be fair to myself, the next 6 weeks are a little NUTS.  Ok, a LOT NUTS!! But I can still try right??? 

Here are a few of them from the other day....being crazy, trying to tackle each other and knock one another off of the bed.  Story of my life.  But it's ours.  I will embrace it!! And the puppy.  Ranger.  Oh man, this dog is sooooooo lucky he's so cute.....who's idea was it to get a puppy?!? If you're looking at him and wanting a puppy.  STOP. STOP IT NOW!! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!! ok, now you cannot say I did not warn you <3