Halloween 2017 | Praskins' Boys


It's that time of year again!! I love capturing the kids each year and seeing how much they've grown!! This year, Erik got a unicorn costume and Dylan LOVED the wig!! Dylan does not care to dress up, but he thought the wig was hilarious!! He even wore it for a few pics!! I think the next person who does our family pics will have to pull it out to get these smiles!! He is such a goof!! He is obsessed with his necklace. He wears it every. single. day.  He wakes up at the crack of dawn and that is the first thing he puts on! It was supposed to just be a beading exercise for occupational therapy, but he would not give it back, lol!! So now it's his.  And he is VERY proud of it!!

Andrew was going to be an army man, but changed last minute to a ninja.  He might be the cutest little ninja ever!! I have learned over the years to get the photos the night before because things just get too nuts the day of! We are looking forward to hanging out with friends tonight and loving on our neighbors!! I hope everyone has a safe night!! 

Here are the past 5 years.....why do they grow up so quickly?! 

And here are a few more from the total of 8 minutes I got without a meltdown!! Well, there may have been a meltdown or two during those 8 minutes, but it's worth it, RIGHT?!