Dallas + Danny | Gomez Wedding in Sedona, AZ


Introducing, Mr. + Mrs. Gomez!!! 

These two have been one of my favorite couples from the moment I met them! Their love story was true a love at first sight kind of deal and each time you are around them, you will see why!! They adore each other.  They have fun together, and they are the best of friends.  I really just want to hang out with them all day, every day!! Danny's heart for his bride is endearing.   They each wrote vows to one another and there was not a dry eye around.  He even tried to kiss her after his vows and grandpa, who was officiating, quickly put his hand between them!! It was hilarious.  Then she read her vows and we were all crying and laughing! Sometimes I have to remember that I am there to take the pictures and wipe the tears from my eyes to be able to see....THIS was that kind of wedding!! 

When Dallas gave me her shot list....there were a few special requests.  One of them was a first look with her dad.  She has such a special bond with her daddy.  It wasn't until the night before the wedding that I found out the story about how she met her dad.  Her mom was a single mom and Dallas' dad was her 7th grade art teacher (although not her dad at the time).  She loved her teacher and thought that he and her mom would be a great match.  So she decided to play match maker.  She would find ways to ask her teacher about his relationship status, kids, ect. without seeming too creepy.  She would go home and report her discoveries.  All it took was for her mom to meet him at a parent teacher conference, and then she took over from there! They were a match made in heaven....or ART class!! I love the relationship they have built and the love they have for one another.  There is something so very special about father-daughter relationships, and I was honored to capture some of it! 

Dallas and Danny, thank you for allowing me to document your wedding day!! You have the most amazing family and friends and it was an honor to be there!! Cannot wait to see what God has in store for your little family!!