Dallas + Danny | San Diego Beach Engagement Session

Oh my goodness guys.....these two are so adorable together!!! I instantly felt a connection with them at our first meeting.  They were all smiles and when they talked about each other, their faces lit up even more.  I knew we were a great match and was so excited when they decided to book their wedding with me!! 

I was even more excited when they wanted to come out to southern California to get their engagement photos on the beach.  I LOVE the beach!! San Diego has some of the prettiest beaches I have been to and it is so nice to have a change of scenery from the normal Arizona cactus and desert.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore our Arizona desert, but the beach is not a bad gig!

Those of you who know me, know I am a bit clumsy at times.  In fact, you will most likely see me fall or hurt myself somehow if you hang around me long enough (sad but true).  And this beach session was no exception! Good thing I had my knight in shining armor to save me! Poor Danny.  He did not know what he signed up for! We were down on the beach, or what was left of it after high tide, and a giant wave came crashing behind me with a loud THUD, I must have jumped 5 feet trying to escape it and Danny quickly grabbed me (and my camera) and rescued us from impending drowning! But seriously, I don't think I have screamed that loud or had been that afraid of being washed away in a long time!! So, thank you Danny for your heroics!!! You are my hero!!! Just one more reason for Dallas to love that man....he rescues poor helpless photographers trying to get "THE SHOT!"

Now, Dallas and Danny have a TRUE love at first sight story.  Their best friends had been trying to get them to meet for a long time and it just never worked out.  Dallas was beginning to think that Danny may not be a real person.  They were going to a country concert for the 4th of July and he was meeting them at her friends house.  He walked in the door and said "Hey Austin"....and she knew he was perfect for her! (Her name is Dallas, and he called her Austin to be funny...for those of you who are a little slower! lol!) After partying all night, Danny was convinced Dallas was the one for him..... so love at first sight really does happen, not just in fairy tales! They have been together for 4 years and enjoy adventuring together, whether that be hiking, fishing, camping, and even shopping when Danny gives in to Dallas.  Danny's favorite thing about Dallas is when she plays air guitar in the car to country music.  He loves how she puts him first in everything and how selfless she is.  Dallas loves Danny's sense of humor and that he is a caring romantic at heart. He too is one of the most selfless people she knows.....together, they make each other better people.  

Dallas and Danny, I am so very excited and honored to capture your wedding day and cannot wait to cry and laugh along with you and all of your friends and family!! November cannot come soon enough!!