Katelyn + Greg | Mini Engagement Session at The Sactuary Camelback Mountain

This is Katelyn and Greg.  I had the honor of meeting them at a fall wedding I was shooting for one of my fabulous couples!  I knew after chatting with Katelyn for a few minutes that I would love working with her!! Greg was off delivering a baby or saving the world doing some doctor thing, but I did get to meet him toward the end of the wedding! Katelyn then introduced me as the photographer that was going to shoot their wedding!! Now, if that isn't the best compliment a photographer can get, I don't know what is!!

Fast forward a few months and we went to go check out their venue for their wedding at The Sanctuary Camelback Mountain.  This place is gorgeous!!! They had a big event that day, so we did not get to go to explore too many areas, but still had a chance to grab some photos and enjoy the evening chatting and goofing around.  

I LOVE couples who like to play around and be silly with each other.  That is Katelyn and Greg. They speak their own language, sarcasm....and that happens to be one of my special languages too!! They said that a lot of people don't even understand them half the time but they have each other cracking up!! Greg couldn't keep his hands off of his beautiful fiance, and she could not stop giggling.  My FAVE!! 

When they first met 3 years ago, Greg asked Katelyn to go to Barcelona with him and she thought he was nuts!! A few weeks later, they ran into each other over 4th of July and the rest was history. They have been inseparable and loving every minute together.  They are major foodies and love trying new restaurants and returning to their favorites! 

Greg loves Katelyn's youthful and playful attitude and how she looks at the world. She keeps him on his feet and loves him like no one else. Katelyn loves Greg's patience.  She said he is the cool cucumber and she is the fiery pepper.  He keeps her grounded.  And although he makes her crazy most days, she does not know what she would do without him! The perfect pair.  

I cannot wait until their romantic wedding at The Sanctuary Camelback Mountain in February of next year.  Luckily I will get to see them again this fall for some family photos!!