Betsy + Garrett + Baby Lindholm | A story of Infertility and Miracles


These beautiful parents are Betsy and Garrett.....they were each other's first love and first kiss.  After 7 years of dating long distance because of school, they married 3 short months after graduating! They are adventure enthusiasts and enjoy just laughing and being silly together.  They have been waiting for this beautiful miracle for so long....and I was honored to capture this amazing chapter in their life! I cannot wait to meet their sweet new addition to their family <3

Here is a small part of their story:

"My husband and I took our "babymoon" to Scottsdale, Arizona to celebrate the new chapter of life ahead of us, and enjoy one last vacation; just the two of us. We are high school sweethearts and best friends of 12 years. We  got married once we graduated from college and decided to wait a couple years to have a baby. Once we felt it was time, I was so overjoyed to open a new chapter of life together and couldn't wait to start taking pregnancy tests. Unfortunately, month after month passed by with no pregnancy.  Months turned to years and when preliminary fertility treatments were unsuccessful, our doctor recommended we begin the process of in vitro fertilization. I was devastated. "Why us?" I begged God to allow us to get pregnant before we went through with the process that involves many injections, a surgery, and no guarantees. Though it was a very dark and painful time, full of uncertainty and heart break, we felt God leading us step by step. After months of wrestling with the idea of IVF, we felt God opening our hearts and making the path obvious to us. We knew it would give us the best possible chance of having the baby we so desired. And thankfully, it worked! We had a scary first trimester with several emergency visits to our doctor and we were told at one point that the baby may not survive. But The Lords plan prevailed and our baby continued growing. I never took for granted feeling the little movements and watching my belly jolt from kicks. We kept the baby's gender a surprise until birth, though the entire pregnancy we felt that baby was a boy and even started calling him by name. The moment my husband said "it's a boy!" and hearing his tiny cry will always be etched on our hearts. We could finally hold in our arms the baby that we had held in our hearts for years. He was truly worth the wait (and wait, and wait)! We learned so many valuable lessons through infertility. Most importantly, to trust that Gods timing is always much better than our own. "

I am so incredibly happy for this sweet family!!! 

May I introduce sweet Baby Boaz <3<3<3 Born June 4th

6lbs 2 ounces  19.5 inches and perfect in every way! 

Photo by:&nbsp;SousouS photography

Photo by: SousouS photography