Dylan + Andrew | First Day of School 2017, Kindergarten + 3rd Grade

We are finishing our 2nd full week of school tomorrow! This is Andrew's first year of full day school in Kindergarten.....CUE THE TEARS!! Not on his end at all....but MINE!! I thought I would be fine and made it to his class just fine...but as we were leaving, the tears started flowing! Why does time have to be so mean and make the days and years pass so fast?! 

The boys have been doing so well and love school (for the most part!) Andrew says every day that he is going to stay here with me instead, but he is getting used to the schedule!! He runs onto the playground each morning, finds his teacher, puts down his backpack and runs off to play with his new found friends.  I watch as other kids are still crying at the gate as their moms drop them off and almost want him to be a little sad to leave me....but I am soooooooooo happy he is loving it....I just wish he did not act like he was 15.....at least I still get a kiss and a hug!!  

Dylan started 3rd grade this year! He has an amazing teacher and we are so incredibly blessed with the Special Ed program at his school.  Dylan normally rides the bus to school and LOVES LOVES LOVES the bus, but we cannot do it any more.  The bus is normally on time but can get held up for various reasons and it does not give me enough time to get Andrew to school.  I wish they could both go on the bus, but that is not within the rules :( 

Last week we purchased a special bike trailer that I can pull Dylan in behind me! He has gotten so big so there are not very many options out there currently.  Hoping this one works well for him!! 

If you have not heard already....we added a new family member.  Ranger!! He is a cockapoo and such a cute and fluffy puppy! He looks like a little stuffed animal and we all love him so much!! He has a really sweet demeanor and is pretty calm with the kids and lets everyone hold him and carry him around.  But he also has a crazy side!! He is definitely full on in the puppy stages and loves to chew on anything and everything!!! Including my favorite (or used to be favorite) flip flops! We are looking forward to lots of adventures and cuddles with Ranger!! 

We also have new neighbors!! My sister and nephew!! How cool is that??! They are the best neighbors ever and we LOVE having them so close and spending so much time with them.  The boys love their cousin and look up to him and think he's the coolest teen around <3 

Here's a few photos from our first morning of school....a whole 10 minutes of CRAZY!!!! <3