Painting Parties with Imperfectly Inspired


Hi friends!! We did a painting party with Imperfectly Inspired and it was soooooo much fun!!! My friend Randi recently started this fun business and she is AMAZING with the kids!! Another friend of mine was over the whole time and we are already planning a ladies night painting party! 

The kids had a blast!! I was unsure of what to expect at first, especially with rambunctious boys, but I was pleasantly surprised!! Dylan wanted nothing to do with it....which I should have seen coming, but that is ok :)  Andrew and Dominic LOVED it and they were pretty much silent the entire time and FOCUSED.  Yes, 6 year old boys were focused for over an hour! We invited our neighbor girls and another girl friend to join us and they enjoyed every minute!!

Disclaimer: Andrew does not play with girls<---those are his words.  Reality: He plays with girls every single day and loves them!! He even chases a few on the playground at school--but don't worry, he says he chases them to scare them, not to kiss them!! Ya, good thing buddy!! 

Randi did really well with instructing the kids with a step by step process.  Her parties are meant for children ages 6 and above, but if you have a 5 year old that can focus and follow directions, then they would probably do really well!! Any younger and it may become a finger painting session!! 

Randi has been painting for 15 years and has grown up in a family of artists.  She has a degree in education and has always loved teaching.  She is married to her high school sweetheart and going strong after 12 years of marriage.  They are a military family and have lived in a few places, originally from Oregon, but she is now an acclimated AZ girl and never wanting to go back to the snow!  She has 3 beautiful daughters and currently homeschools her two oldest....she is surrounded by PINK 24/7 and loves every minute of it!

Imperfectly Inspired does Kid's Parties, Ladies Nights, Date Nights, you name it and she can deliver a fun event for everyone.  There is an 8 person per party minimum at a rate of $15 each or a flat fee of $120 for parties less than 8 persons.  The kids all LOVED Randi and the whole process.  I think at $15 a person, this is one of the cheapest ways to throw a party and it includes a gift to take home! PLUS!! BONUS!! You are supporting a mom based business.....what's better than that??? 

Check her out on Facebook HERE OR Email her at to book your party!! She has a few dates left for the summer!