4th Annual Whitehorse Lake Camping Trip--2018


4 days. 14 families. A ton of kids....and even more memories made!! This was our 4th annual Whitehorse Lake camping trip and we enjoyed every second!! I only took my camera out a few times and enjoyed a LOT of unplugged moments.  Pretty much everything in our trailer did not work and it ended up being a glorified tent....but nonetheless, it kept us covered and safe!! 

From the moment we pulled into camp, the kids did not stop moving.  They rode their bikes and scooters, collected rocks, sticks, snakes and frogs....yes, SNAKES!!! Somehow I missed a picture of that :)  The weather was amazing and we enjoyed a couple thunderstorms too!! We kayaked, we fished, we skipped rocks at the lake, we sat in the hammock, played games, cooked amazing meals....but most of all, we built memories with our tribe.  We are so incredibly thankful for all of the families that joined us and cannot wait for next year's trip!! 

Dylan is 9 and Andrew is 6....that gives us approximately 12 more summers with Andrew....12!!! Then he will most likely be off to live his own dreams.  We hope that these are the memories that the kids cherish the most.  I stared at his little feet hanging out of the bed at night, covered in dirt from all of the fun of the day....wishing I could stop time.  But I can't....so for now, we build memories!!

Andrew was so excited to be able to kayak with Dad and go fishing....he has a mean cast....and although he did not catch anything, he loved every minute.  He ran around with his friends all day and Dylan enjoyed blowing bubbles for hours with his buddies.  Erik and I enjoyed good talks with old friends and time spent getting to know new ones.  God is good.  He has blessed us with more than we could have ever imagined.  10 years from now, I hope to be making the same trek to this spot and continue building these friendships and lifelong relationships between our kids and their friends.  

NOW is the time to spend those precious moments with your family.  NOW is the time to invest in others and be vulnerable and share your life.  NOW is the time to take that vacation. NOW is the time to talk to your neighbor. NOW is the time to not take this life for granted.....life is short.  NOW is the time to LIVE, to LAUGH and have FUN!! Adulting is too hard and serious sometimes....allow yourself some time to be a kid again....I guarantee you will not regret it <3