The {P} Family--Flagstaff Minis

This is the {P} family! About 6 months ago, I was at the park with the kids and sparked up a conversation with mom.  We chatted about the kids, school and church.   She then mentioned that everyone knows her husband and that I probably did too.   As we were talking, she pointed at her husband walking up to the park, and there was Josh! I had not seen him in over 15 years from NCC! It is such a small world! She laughed and said, "See, everyone knows him!"  Come to find out, we are new neighbors too.  They recently moved into a house just a block from us.  I love how the Lord works and how He brings people together!  

Fast forward to mini session time up in Flagstaff.  I was so excited to get them and their beautiful children in front of my camera.  One little guy, who shall remain nameless, was less than thrilled to be there...but after hunting for some dinosaurs, he warmed up a bit!! 

They also brought Grandma and Grandpa up to join in on the fun.  They were a silly bunch full of energy and laughter....two of my favorite things!! I hope to be capturing some more of their spunky personalities in the future! Thank you {P} family!!