The {B} Family, Flagstaff AZ Mini Sessions

Isn't she adorable?  This is pretty much her all of the time!! I love that she sees me at church all of the time and still calls me photographer girl since last year's photos.  She and her sister are some of the sweetest girls you will ever meet.   And their little brother...oh my goodness! I fell in love with him in nursery on Sundays and now he is giant toddler! Why do they have to grow so quickly.  

The kids loved playing in the woods up in Flagstaff! Phoenix kids are not used to all of the greenery so it was a fun environment for a photo session.  We explored, we climbed, and we favorite types of sessions! 

I met Liz and her family over a year ago when they visited our young marrieds group.  They were new to the area and she and I became instant friends.   She is one of those passionate people that shares their heart from start....there is no hiding who she is, and there is no hiding her love for Jesus and others.  She has become one of my dear friends and I adore her and her family.  I hope to grow up and be like her some day.  She is authentic, real, and honest.....everyone could learn to be a little more like her.  Liz, I LOVE YOU!!