The {F} Family, a Surprise, AZ Photo Session at the Ranch

What a fun family to photograph!! I have known Lynzee and Candy for years through mutual friends and our love for scrapbooking! Well, I used to love it and spent hours upon hours creating beautiful albums....but then I had kids.....and started my stuff has dust all over it and is begging to be given to someone who will appreciate it! Nonetheless, I am so happy that our love for the craft brought us together and has kept us friends! 

Then there is Moses, Lynzee's husband.  He is an excellent chef, and I volunteered to be a food tester any time he needed one! He does not like getting photos.  I get it. I have yet to meet a man who is a big fan of getting photos done.  In fact, most of the women often warn me ahead of time that their husband would rather clean toilets or go to the dentist!  But guess what?  I have never had a man cry....or I guess that's pretty good, right?  And I will bet a million dollars that when they see their photos, they realize that ONE hour of their life was well spent.   Moses, thank you for putting up with me....I LOVE how great of a father you are to your kids and your love for your family is incredible! 

Thank you all for being such good sports and for choosing to me capture you, your children and grandchildren in this time in your life! They grow so quickly and I hope that you can cherish these photos for years to come!! 



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