Baby boy #2 is on his way

This girl....can you say stunning? I have known this young lady since she was a little teen in braces.  She and my sister were inseparable...and they still are! I have enjoyed watching Nikki grow into a beautiful woman, wife, and mother.  She is now expecting her second son in the next few weeks. We ventured out into the desert and tried to catch the sun before it hid behind the mountain.  I love this girl like my own little sister, and I was blessed to be able to capture these maternity photos for her.  

I am so excited for her to experience the joy of adding another boy to the family. Boys are crazy.  Really crazy.  But along with the craziness, comes a lot of fun and laughter.  I am anxious to see how big brother handles the new addition.   There are so many fun times ahead for this family! And lots of wrestling matches too! Nikki, I am so proud of you and the mother that you are....your love for your family is evident in everything you do and I cannot wait to see how much your love will grow with baby {C}.   I love you!!