Baby Emry | Phoenix Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Emry is proof that God answers prayers! Baby Emry made her big entrance into the world in true Emry fashion....on New Year's Eve! She did not want to miss the big party that night and wanted to be the center of attention.  Minutes after she was born and in Daddy's arms, he fell under her spell and told her she could have anything she wanted at any time....he was smitten immediately, as was Mommy.  I LOVE watching new parents with their newborn.  There's a love there that they have never experienced before and is impossible to explain until it happens.  True love....unselfish love...the kind of love that will cause you to do crazy things for someone you just met! (Like stay up for 48+ hours at a time to meet their every need)  It's incredible.  There is no feeling like it!!! 

12.31.2015   8lbs 10oz    21.5 Inches