Ryan & Rebekah | Phoenix AZ Wedding Photographer


I met Ryan & Rebekah for the first time at our planning meeting back in October.  She had seen some family photos of some mutual friends and asked me to shoot their wedding.  I was ECSTATIC! I LOVE weddings!

From the moment we sat down, I could not help but notice how Ryan was staring at Rebekah the whole time, oh young love! They were so cute together.  As we went over the details for the big day, I got more and more excited to be able to capture their love story.  

A few days before the wedding, Rebekah posted this to her timeline: 

"6 years ago I started crushing on a cute boy in one of my classes. 
3.6 years ago that boy asked me to prom, so we went as "friends."
2.8 years ago that young man asked me to date him.
6 months ago that same man asked me to marry him! Now, in
6 days I get to marry the love of my life, my high school sweetheart, my best friend, my soulmate.

I love you 💕 Let's do this thing!"

This pretty much sums them up! They are the best of friends and their love for each other is very evident in how they interact and talk about each other.  

Then came the BIG day!! They had the most beautiful details and I am such a sucker for details! They thought of everything and I was so excited to capture it all! 

Ryan and Rebekah, I hope you enjoy your preview! You two were a blast to work with and it was truly an honor to photograph your wedding day! 

Here's to your NEXT great adventure!!!