The {C} Family| Phoenix Family Photographer

Introducing the {C} Family!! I am playing catch up on blogging, so none of my blogs will be in order, but nonetheless, I cannot wait to share some of fun family sessions I have had the pleasure of doing over the past few months! 

I have known Emily since we were in high school.  We were not the best of friends at first.  She thought I was a snob and I thought she was a snob! Lol! Then soon after, we realized we were perfect for each other! We have shared lots of memories growing up and growing in the Lord. We scheduled a mini session and they showed up 15 minutes late for a 30 minute session.  As always, the schedule did not go as planned and both of the kids were having melt downs and mommy was close to tears.  We quickly tried to perk everyone up and assure mommy that this happens to everyone.  And it does.  Especially to families with young children.  There is a 99% chance that the kids won't nap the day of photos, someone will fall and get a huge bump or scrape on them, or some other crazy thing will happen.  It is life.  And I want to capture it.  So mommies, you are not alone! 

This little girl has a special place in my heart......


Two years ago, Em found out she was pregnant with little Marlowe! I was so excited for her.  Then just a week later, I found out I was unexpectedly expecting also! We were both so very happy to be pregnant together and embark on another journey.  Then, at 17 weeks, I miscarried.  I lost my baby girl.  It was devastating to say the least.  But this little one always reminds me of my precious Joy! They would be the same age.  She is such a beautiful little soul and I am very thankful that the Lord blessed Em & Jake with her! Just look at those blue eyes!! 

Thank you Em & Jake for allowing me to capture your family in this time of your lives and freeze these memories of your children! I love you guys!