Jordan & Holly | Phoenix Desert Engagement

This is Jordan & Holly....are they not completely adorable? 

Holly is my incredibly gorgeous cousin.  She is MUCH younger than me but has always been one of my favorite people.  She is just as sweet as she is beautiful.  She radiates joy everywhere she goes and is such a blessing to be around.  She and Jordan have been together for 5 years.  When we first met Jordan, two thoughts went through my mind. 1.) Whoa! Holly's new boyfriend is HANDSOME!! 2.) He is way too nice, there is no way he is always this nice.  Well, he IS completely handsome, but he is and always has been one of the sweetest guys I have ever met!! One of my favorite things about him is that he works with special needs kids.  My son has special needs and I only wish we had someone like Jordan to always be around to be his special friend.  Holly hit the jackpot with him....and so did he!! 

Together, Holly and Jordan make the perfect couple.  They are so funny together! Usually guys HATE getting their photos taken...and while Joran did give me a little attitude at first just to be a brat, he quickly became a GQ model and had fun with it.  He especially enjoyed the really close cuddly shots! Holly said, "Oh Jordan is going to love this!" , and he did!! I love watching couples interact with each other and forget that I am even there! They were completely natural with one another and got lost in their own little world! And the can't fake that....they are so cute together! 

They also brought along their baby, Miss Stella.  She is a little spoiled.  Just a tad.  And I know why....she was one of the easiest dogs I have ever worked with. And she is beautiful! 

So without further's the happy couple!!!