The {K} Family | AZ Desert Family Session

This is the {K} Family.  Last year, this family walked into our small group at church and my friends and I attacked Renee with invitations to everything to get her plugged in.  And guess what? She everything! She is now one of my closest friends.  They are from the east coast and talk funny (but I won't hold that against them).  The military brought them here and I hope they never leave.  They are truly an amazing family! The kids are my kids' best friends and I cannot imagine our life without them in it!! 

Renee's parents were here for Christmas and her gift to them was a photo session! What a great gift!!! I have met many grandparents over the years, and these ones are some of my favorites! This family loves each other fiercely.  They have lived apart for years and they treasure every moment together.  I could learn a thing or two from the way they love each other! 

Well, that is enough of the mushy's a sample of the fun family session we had in the Arizona desert in Surprise!