Brooke + Adam | Dreamy Sedona Destination Engagement Session

Hi friends!!! This is Brooke + Adam!! Are they not the cutest couple together??? These two sweethearts were referred to me by some amazing photographer friends and I am soooooooo happy they chose to book with me! Did you know that 100% of my business relies on referrals? I have been incredibly blessed with the most generous and sweet clients and creative friends who make my business what it is today!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!! And because of you, I get to continue to serve my existing clients and get the honor of capturing new ones <3

Brooke and Adam met by running into each other.....literally.  Well, actually Adam's friend ran into Brooke on a group bike ride around their hometown in Iowa.  Adam came to the rescue of this beautiful damsel in distress and they hit it off and rode around laughing and having a good time.  They lived 4 1/2 hours apart because Brooke was in school, but they started talking through Facebook and over the phone.  Soon after, Adam visited her school for a football game and they were inseparable after that! 

They appreciate the small things in life and keep things simple.  They love trying new craft breweries, wineries/wine tasting and new restaurants.  Bike rides, hanging by the pool and grilling, and basically anything active outdoors are all favorites!  Brooke also enjoys winning at their favorite card game, golf (sorry Adam!) They are big Iowa Hawkeyes fans and love watching any sporting event that's on (Score for Adam!! She's a keeper!!) Their families are a huge part of their lives as well. They have the cutest niece's and nephews that they are obssessed with!! 

I asked the two of them what their favorite things about each other were, and here was their response! 

BROOKE--Adam makes me laugh all the time. We constantly have little jokes going on between the two of us. I love Adams strength and bravery. He is a police officer and I admire and respect the amount of effort he puts into his job. (and patience!) Not to mention he is great at it!! I love the way he can make smile or laugh when I'm in my head or stressed out. Our brains work differently so he is always giving me a different side to situations which I am so thankful for! I love the way he is with his nieces and nephews who he completely adores. He is always putting me before himself which speaks to his character. Last, he is incredibly sexy which I also love :)
ADAM--There are many things I love about Brooke. She is absolutely beautiful, incredibly smart, very hardworking, fun and caring. One of the things I love most is how Brooke makes me a better person everyday. Her drive in life pushes me to always better myself! She supports me in everything I do and is always there for me. I honestly couldn't imagine going through life without her. She truly makes everything in life more enjoyable! And Just when I thought she couldn't get any better, I realized I could watch any Hawkeye game while drinking a few beers and she would be right next to me enjoying it just as much as I do! cute together!! 

Our session was the first time I met these two apart from some correspondence over the phone since they live out of state.  I could not love them more from the moment they drove up!! If you have met me, you know I am a hugger and I was greeted with these beautiful and friendly faces and giant hugs!! They both could not stop smiling. It was contagious!! This was their first time to Sedona so I knew I had to make a good impression.  And boy oh boy was God showing off his beautiful creation and all of His glory!! We had the beautiful backdrop of the Red Rocks of Sedona and storm that was brewing all around us!! At first I was nervous that the storm would cut our session short, but it just rumbled all around us and just gave us some fun wind at the end of the session.  So without further is their Sedona engagement session! 



Her Outfits: White top-- Clad and Cloth, White Skirt-- Nordstrom, Dress-- VICI, Shoes- Calvin Klein

His Outfits: Blue Outfit, Shirt-- J Crew, and everything else Nordstrom,  Grey Outfit shirt and pants from H&M